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Used Car “Lemon” Law Coming Soon

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When purchasing a used car, ever wonder what sort of repairs have been done to that vehicle in the past? If it’s been in a accident or not? Don’t have the time to get a carfax report? Well have no fear, the ‘Lemon’ law is here.

Urban Dictionary defines a “Lemon” as:
A car that you buy that you think is good, but really it sucks like hell and will break right after you buy it.

Dude, that car was a lemon, I was about to hand over my check when the radiator blew up, coolant flowed out…

The Doer government is introducing a new law that will require all used vehicle dealerships to disclose the vehicles repair history, if it has been in an accident, or if it has ever been written off! I can’t stress how many dealerships have rebuilt write off vehicles with the purchaser being blind to the transplant that has happened under the hood (and above) the hood.

This is a great step for Winnipeger’s looking to purchase a vehicle in the near future. Manitoba will be the first province to have such a law, and i guarantee you there are a lot of used car dealers that wont be happy.


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