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Charleswood Skatepark Closed Due To Graffiti

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I’ve always admired the look of graffiti in skate parks, it gives it that urban edge. With the choice of colors that are vibrant much like that of the vibrant tricks that skaters pull off. You see, graffiti is a form of artwork. A way of expression. Much like skateboarding. Skateboarding is an art. (It takes skill and technique to master those kickflips.). The whole culture of it is based on creativity and being unique .


On Wednesday May 7th CTV News reported that Charleswood Skate Park is temporarily closed. The reason.. vandalism. Hundreds of paintball shots were found on the scene. So big deal more paint…no this is a very big deal. The paint found inside paint balls are a different kind of paint than those found in spray paint. It has an oily residue leaving the surface slick and virtually impossible to skate on.

What makes this act of vandalism even more heartless was that this skate park was built in the memory of Michael Komenda. Micheal who was 16, died in an accident 6 years ago. He fell from the upper deck of the Winnipeg stadium.

People that run the park are hoping to have the park open by tomorrow. They are also asking if you have any information, you’re asked to call 888-4839 or Crime Stoppers, 786-8477(TIPS).

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