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Iron Man Comes Out Today, Not Tomorrow

Iron Man… Originally uploaded by oraclejulio

A lot of people have been anticipating the new hit movie IRON MAN, but did you know that it comes out today, not tomorrow? Since movies usually come out on Fridays, its assumed that this movie will be out tomorrow – but you can in fact avoid the rush and watch the movie tonight (you’ll probably also be with diehard fans how are not going to chuckle or talking during the movie)

All shows tonight are open to the general public and are not a private screening. Here are a few showtimes for the major theaters in Winnipeg:

  • SilverCity St. Vital: 8:00 8:30
  • SilverCity Polo Park: 9:45 10:15
  • Garden City: 9:20
  • Kildonan Place: 8:00 8:30

Check out www.winnipegmovies.com for more showtimes.

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