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Meth Lab in the Hippie Part of Winnipeg?

wolseley Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

GIB isn’t exactly what I would have expected to be the drug found being “cooked” up in Wolseley, but on Wednesday evening, police raided an apartment at 210 Evanson St to find a meth lab.

Dwayne Dillon Birchwood of Winnipeg, is now being charged with 3 different drug-related offenses for his “drug-kitchen” in the apartment block funded by a non-profit organization with mostly seniors and people with disabilities.

This is the same apartment block that a man was gunned down last year by police after he stabbed and killed another resident.

While this may seem like just regular news in our murder capital of Canada, it comes a bit close to this blogger’s home in Wolseley.

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