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IMPRESSIONS: NNE’s Superstar Party @ Blush

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What a night. I personally have never been to Blush before and didn’t know what to expect of an “Ultra Club”. Especially when this was to be the setting of The Glow In The Dark after party hosted by Lupé Fiasco and DJ GI. Well, whatever doubts I had immediately faded after meeting GI. This cat is one polite house rocker. It wouldn’t matter who you were or what you needed. GI made sure you were having a great time. More of the event after that jump.

It took a while for Lupé to make it down to Blush as the concert had literally just ended. Things were also picking up at the club. Michelle, our lovely waitress (I’m talking lovely. Like, hook me up, Henry), brought us our first round of drinks and I guess this is where our night began. Resident DJs kept the floor alive and people moving. Not too long, Lupé and his set made their way to the 2nd floor VIP corner where our own Trevor S. got to have a little sit down with him. I’ll let him cover that in his post, which should be up a bit later as soon as he sobers up. Woooooo!

We met up with our good friend and resident Blush photographer Henry Q., as well as our “Glow in The Dark” contest winner, Deanna A.! It was nice seeing you both and we’re glad to hear you enjoyed the concert, Deanna.

All in all, it was a damn great party.

Special thanks to the Never Nervous Entertainment team, DJ GI and Lupé Fiasco for making the Superstar party happen. Keep checking back for future updates on events.

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