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Not Quite Golf Weather This Weekend

Home on the range Originally uploaded by churl

What’s the first thing on my friend’s “To Do list” this morning? Why, hit some dingers at a driving range of course! But the weather seems to think otherwise. With a chance of thunderstorms and gray skies looming about, we’d be forced to hit up the Golf Dome. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a lovely place. Great, clean facility. But they’re still operating under winter prices. 24 dollars an hour.. plus tax. Quite the premium for convenience. I think I’ll give Toro’s or Player’s a call in an hour, if it hasn’t already starting pouring out. Here’s to an active wanna-be lifestyle!

Roger D. just sent this in. Along with it, a message with a skewed quote from Rocky IV’s “Ivan Drago”. Read more to see it… live it.

“We should just hit up a normal range.. if it rains.. it rains.. – Ivan Drago, Rocky IV” – Roger D.


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