Home Reminder REMINDER: It’s Mothers Day on Sunday!

REMINDER: It’s Mothers Day on Sunday!

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Mothers Day is just around the corner (Sunday, May 11). Do you have your gift yet? If not, then get those cheerios and string together!

Sure, this day may be another day created by multi billion dollar corporations to make even more money on day-specific novelties – but you have to admit, what it symbolizes is something great. Your mother sacrificed 9 months of her life for you, she didn’t drink alcohol, go out to parties, didn’t smoke, didn’t run, and kept you on your feet when you couldn’t walk. One day in the year is not so much to ask. Give her something nice, and show her your appreciation.

Home SPA Products
Most mothers after getting home from work, they clean, do the dishes, the laundry, vacuum, etc etc. Get her a nice home SPA set that she can use after those long days so she can relax.

The key to every womans heart is usually a diamond. All woman love jewelry, and your mother is not an exception.

Some nice perfume for you mother would do great as well for her nights out to various social events she may go to.

Message & SPA Treatment
Give her a break from scrubbing the toilets and picking up your mess and yelling at you to move this and move that or any other stress at home. A SPA treatment is the pefect get-away for your mother. I would recommend teaming up with a cousin and getting one for your mother and aunt. Let them go together and enjoy a great day away from the stress at home.

Can’t afford anything above? Then flowers and a simple hug can do wonders. I believe Tupac said it best where most men try to act like “thugs” or “hardcore” now a days – not showing any affection to their mothers – or even to people that they care about the most. I don’t know where the idea came from that to be a man – you can’t have a heart. But one day you will look back at these opportunities to show your mother affection, but by then it may be too late.

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