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Winnipeg Launches Special Weapons And Tactics Unit

PEG CITY SWAT YO Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

Previously, in even the most dangerous of cases, Winnipeg Police have been putting together a part-time unit for emergencies. Different officers from different units assembled in the cities most darkest of moments. The make-shift team now gets the green light and become recognized as an official unit.

“The new unit “will provide Winnipeg with a safer and more effective way of dealing with calls for service where there is violence, the threat of violence, or weapons,” police Chief Keith McCaskill said Tuesday in a release.” – CBCNEWS.CA

I’m pretty excited. I’m a little worried too… I’m sure our city has needed something like this for a while. I’m wondering what they’re gonna call it too. I don’t think they wanna call it SWAT, otherwise they would’ve already done so. FOXHOUND‘s already copy written too. What do you guys think? Gimme some names!


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