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Apple’s WWDC08 Today!!

Apple WWDC 2008 Originally uploaded by mhaithaca

Today is Apple’s WWDC 2008!!!

How is this relevant to Winnipeg? Well today is supposedly the day that Apple changes the world and Canada with the announcement of the iPhone 2!!

By this time next year, everyone and their mothers will have this shiny device in the palm of their hands.

But it is still just a rumor that the unveiling will happen, other rumored announcements are a new version of Mac OSX (Snow Leopard) and a Tablet Macbook.

Click here for Gizmodo’s Liveblog at the event.
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June 09, 2008 – 1:32 PM Central Time: The iPhone 2 (3G) is OFFICIALLY announced!!!

“And last but not least — everyone wants an iPhone, but we need to make it more affordable.”
“Today we’re introducing the iPhone 3G.”

“iPhone started off at 599 for an 8GB iPhone, which sells for 399 — we want to make it even more affordable. I’m happy to tell you it’ll go for 199 8GB.”

“We think the iPhone 3G will be affordable to almost everyone. 16GB model for $299 — for that model we have a white one”

WOW – These guys are trying to take over the world with these low hardware prices! I’m assuming that they are going to focus on minimal profit on the hardware and maximum profit on software… same route Xbox 360 and PS3 have gone.

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