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Digital Mosquito Repeller Armband $2.08 @ DealExtreme.com

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Analyst say we should be expecting our good friends (mosquitos) very soon. All the rain have made some excellent breeding grounds for mosquitos and we can expect many swarming in soon!

Check out this awesome new invention that is for sale at DealExtreme.com. Its an ‘arm band’ that supposedly repels mosquitos!!

Here’s how it works:
Drives away female mosquitos by generating the sound a male mosquito makes while flying. Pregnant (blood sucking) female mosquitos are highly disturbed by this sound.

It has 2 modes, one which is silent (repels mosquitos) and one which is quite soft (repels dragonflies)

Now that’s amazing!! There are some great reviews of people claiming that they actually work! I’ve ordered a few and it should be great to use this summer.

Order yours here.

Thanks for the tip Jason!

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