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DTP Model Search, A Success!

DSC_0031 Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

Driven To Perform‘s Model Search event had an amazing turn out. It was so great, they almost ran out of registration forms and were getting a little nervous. Luckily, they had (JUST) enough to hold them and all the lovely ladies over.

Who will be chosen? No clue… actually that’s a lie. I have a clue… about one hundred and sixty something clues. Because, that’s how many hot girls I saw sign up.

Keep posted, as I just might have some more DTP exclusives for you. With Winnipeg’s Best Dance Crew and the actual car show going down, I probably will. In the meantime, check out some of the shots from last night. (Hit Read More)


Thanks to Allan C., Kevin A. and the rest of the DTP team!

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