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Various HD-DVD’s $6.88 @ Giant Tiger

HD-DVD Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

Of all places, Giant Tiger seems to have the CHEAPEST HD-DVD’s in town!

They have various HD-DVD’s on sale for $6.88, I ended up picking up Bourne Ultimatum, Tokyo Drift, Smokin Aces, and Miami Vice. There are various other titles left and they are all Dual Format DVD and HD-DVD. Off the top of my head, I remember seeing:

Alpha Dog
Bourne Ultimatum
Brokeback Mountain
Children Of Men
Dead Silence
Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift
Miami Vice
Mr. Bean’s Holiday
Smokin’ Aces
Talk To Me
The Break-Up
Waist Deep
You, Me & Dupree

The Giant Tiger I went to was the Downtown Ellice location, not sure if others have stock or not but I do know the Pembina location does NOT.

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