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15 Cents Charge For Received Text Messages

text messages: i love you. i love you. i love you. dscf6294 Originally uploaded by sean dreilinger

2 of Winnipeg’s Canada’s largest cellular providers will start charging 15 cents per incoming or received text messages.

Effective Dates:
BELL MOBILITY: August 8, 2008
TELUS MOBILITY: August 24, 2008

WOW. Rogers $60/month iPhone plan doesn’t seem so bad anymore. I am currently subscribed to a lot of news feeds that I receive via TEXT message on my cell phone (How else do you think Access Winnipeg stays up to date :) ) Other people also use the facebook text feature that sends you a text when you get a message, or a friend adds you.

So this is a HUGE warning to all Telus and Bell customers. If you have these features enabled, you might want to turn them off… and also need to tell your boyfriend that the 3 “I LOVE YOU” text messages a night are going to start costing you 45 cents!!!!

As far as I know, Rogers is still offering unlimited received text messages to anyone on a monthly plan.


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