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“ROW RAGE” – Strawberry Picking

cut strawberry Originally uploaded by Muffet

Just ridiculous. Boonstra Berries of Stonewall reports that the late seasonal picking has spurred what they’ve coined as, row rage. Wanna know what that is? Well it’s when someone jumps your row and starts picking the berries ahead of you, long before you even get to that point. Once that’s been done, you charge up some rage and let loose on the daring chap. Flailing arms optional.

“There’s never been a fistfight, but pretty darn close one time. One of our guys kind of stepped in between them,” – Murray Boonstra, owner of Boonstra Berries. The farm workers are able to intervene in a lot of the cases. They end up moving the supposed row jumpers to other locations of the farm in hopes of calming the waters between berry pickers. It’s not even kids or teens doing it though. It’s ADULTS!

So, maybe things were delayed two weeks thanks to weather. There’s really no excuse for such tomfoolery.


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