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Winnipeg Transit Ready to Strike

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Do you take the bus to work/school every morning? Well it looks like you’ll have to find a new form of transportation as a Winnipeg Transit Strike is drawing near.

The Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) have voted to reject the city’s latest contract offer 640 – 349. As of Friday, workers have been told to reject voluntary overtime hours.

Approximately 130,000 people take the bus from during the work week (Monday – Friday). Though that number maybe be down with kids being out of school, it still leaves a good amount stranded for transportation.

Perhaps this move will encourage more people to ride their bikes. But with Winnipeg weather being up and down – and Taxi rates being through the roof, this will definitely be a problem for many Winnipeg commuters.

Handi-Transit service is expected to continue in event of a strike. There is no news on when this strike will happen, but transit workers can legally walk off the job at anytime.


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