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Cashing In On Greyhound Bus Incident

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Ron Schinners, a resident of Vancouver, started a Facebook group called “Severed head killer!!! Cops should of killed you! R.I.P Tim McLean”. Sure, the title was in bad taste, but I can see where he’s coming from.

It was a totally normal Facebook group until one day, he was contacted by “Amanda McLean”, supposed sister of the murder victim, Tim McLean. This “Amanda” went on to explain her family’s financial woes and Ron, who too has had a family member murdered, believed her and made her an admin on the FB group. I guess this is where “Amanda” cashes in. She set up a Paypal account to take donations.

Moving on, the real Amanda McLean (who’s married now and uses the last name Corrigan) finds the group and well… the fake Amanda’s fun stops. It isn’t confirmed how much money was “donated” but it’s confirmed that several people did. Paypal has shut down the account but police aren’t commenting on whether an investigation is happening.

For people who want to donate to the real McLean family, you may do so at any TD Canada Trust locations. Funds will help pay off the funeral that was held on August 9th and the rest will goto a charity. The McLean family haven’t stated which one yet.


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