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Scammers Pretend to Run a Police Fundraiser

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A new scam has hit Winnipeg. These thieves are pretending to fundraise for the police.

The scammers are contacting people by the phone asking for money to help police educate children about predators.

If it was real, it would be a great cause, but The Winnipeg Police Service says it does not engage in fundraising campaigns.

If you are a victim of this scam and provided your Credit Card number to them, you should call your credit card company right away. You can also file a police report by calling 986-6222.

WOW! So it turns out this WAS a legitimate fundraiser that was being ran by the Canadian Police Association! Winnipeg Police was never informed of the project so they had no knowledge of it at all! They really dropped the ball on this one!

Thanks for the update Aimee!


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