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Gas is at $1.47

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Yes Winnipeg its true! Pumps all over the city are now showing $1.47 per litre!!

Luckly for us, its a weekend and MOST pumps in the city offer 7.5 cents per litre savings on weekends… making the grand total $1.40 per litre – ouch!

Worst part.. I just notice I’m almost empty :S

According to WinnipegGasPrices.com, the following stations still show Regular Gas at $1.289 as of Friday September 12, 12:57 PM.

Esso Portage & Simcoe
Esso McPhillips & Inkster
7-Eleven Logan & Keewatin St
Esso Keewatin (south of Burrows)
Mohawk 80 Keewatin St

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