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New iPods Today!

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Apple officially announced the new versions of the iPods today at their Let’s Rock Event in San Francisco. Here are the highlights:

iTunes 8 is Coming Today

iPod Classic
Black and White Color Variations CROSS OUT
The 80GB is being upgraded to 120GB, and the 160GB is being discontinued.

[flickr align=”right”]photo:2843022513[/flickr]iPod Shuffle
New Colors
$50/$70 for 1GB/2GB

iPod Nano
[flickr align=”right”]photo:2843859068[/flickr]$149 for the 8GB model, $199 for the 16GB model
Available in 8 colors:
Black, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, violet BUT NO WHITE
Bigger Screen
New accelerometer to switch from portrait to landscape mode
New feature! Shake to shuffle. Shake your iPod and it starts shuffling
The thinnest iPod ever

[flickr align=”right”]photo:2842990563[/flickr]iPod Touch
The 8GB is $229, 16GB is $299 and 32GB is $399
Thinner Design with Contoured Steel
Volume control on the Side
Built in Speakers (Finally!)
Nike+ iPod receiver Built-in

2.1 Software Update


From an iPhone owner point of view, we were pretty dissapointed with the annoucmenets. But if you were thinking of being an iPod Touch owner before, then now is time to jump on. Finally getting built-in speakers as well as a Nike+ receiever it makes it definitly the BEST MP3 player to date. I am hoping that more details come out on what the iPhone 2.1 update has to offer (keeping fingers crossed for some sort of Nike+ support as well!)

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