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NFL Thursday Night Football

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Thursday nights just got a bit better.

It’s a special night in NFL football today because today is the first Thursday night game of the season. Guess what? From now until the end of the regular season the NFL will be playing games on Thursdays as well as the regular games on Mondays and Sundays.

Tonight’s match-up is between The Denver Broncos and The Cleveland Browns. Look for Cleveland’s Brady Quinn to get the start tonight.  The 1st round draft pick of the Browns last year, hasn’t started a game ever since his last University of Notre Dame game 2 years ago. So tonight should be an interesting game.

For MTS TV viewers, the game will be hosted by The NFL Network (Channel 177). So look for that channel to have the best coverage. But if you have good old regular cable the game will be shown on TSN so don’t worry you won’t miss a beat.

Not anywhere near a TV and want to keep track of the game? Head over to NFL.com for live box scores.

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