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Springhill Open House

open house Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

It’s that time of year again…. Springhill is having their Open House. The Open House is scheduled from 12pm until 5pm on Saturday (November 22nd) and Sunday (November 23rd).

So what happens at the open house? Well I personally haven’t been able to make it to one but, they usually have a BBQ (real good prices), and they have a Season Pass sale (discounted prices). A pretty cool thing about the open house is that people bring snow from all over the city and set up a couple of rails for a rail jam. So your encouraged to bring your gear (and if you can, bring some snow from your local ice rink). Also this year there will be on the spot job opportunities as stated in a previous artical.

For details on this event and other information on Springhill visit their website!

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