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Holiday Fashion @ Cake Clothing

This is the first year in a long time that i decided to partake in the Christmas Holiday. Not only will I be purchasing gifts for a select few, I have also committed attending holiday parties with numerous friends. Unfortunately, I was lacking the formal attire.

After doling out the cash for all the friends and loved ones, I decided to treat myself to a new fancy dress. I scoured the malls visiting Laura, Ricki’s, Smart set, The Bay and Le Chateau, only to come across fairly expensive dresses that just wouldn’t fit right. I wanted the perfect dress, but not only that — I didn’t want to show up at a party where there were high chances that there would be numerous other people sporting the same outfit.

I made my way to the exchange district last Sunday to visit Cake Clothing.

Cake Clothing is not jam packed with items, rather numerous dress styles in small quantities and a few sweaters, tops, pants and jackets. The best thing about Cake is that ALL dresses are Cake dresses. That’s means the 10 (approx.) dresses they have in each style are the ONLY dresses you will find in Winnipeg. Rebecca McCormack and Lauren Wiebe design all the dresses, and over the last couple of years they have started shipping them out to numerous local boutiques across Canada. The most recent success has been with The Bay in Vancouver, which has picked up Cake for a department named “Canadia By Design”.

The price was the same as crappy quality, mass produced Le Chateau dress. Worth every cent. Some of the other items in the store are more on the steep side — like the $300 Bravo New York cashmere sweater I am madly love with.

I left the store this past Sunday with my piece of cake. Not only will I have a rather unique dress this season, I also feel awesome supporting our local talent.

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