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Recycling Christmas Trees

If you were one of the families who went out and purchased a fresh tree this year for the holiday season, and aren’t quite sure how to dispose of it, there are 9 locations throughout Winnipeg which will take your old tree and recycle them for you.

The Christmas Tree recycling program begins tomorrow, December 30, and runs through to January 20, 2009.

At the beginning of January, you can also pick up some free wood chips from all the recycled trees when you bring in your own container.

Hours of Operation:
24 Hour Drop Offs:
Whittier Park
St. James Civic Centre
Assiniboine Park
Pan Am Pool parking lot
corner of Chrislind Street and Ravelston Avenue (Transcona)

Kildonan Park
Kilcona Park
St. Vital Park
King’s Park

(And don’t forget to take your ornaments off before you recycle your tree!)


Image Recycling Christmas Trees Originally uploaded by mmahaffie

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