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Fort Garry Hotel Haunts Hollywood Guests

One of the producers of The Haunting in Connecticut got a taste of his own medicine while filming in Winnipeg.

The cast and crew of stayed at the Fort Garry Hotel which is already famous for its various ghost and spirit sightings.

Virginia Madsen (star of The Haunting in Connecticut) decided to speak to the ghosts when she first checked in… ‘Now listen, I’ve got a lot of work to do. I need my sleep. I am the mother of this movie. I’m not saying I believe in you, but, out of respect, if there are any entities, can you please haunt the other room?’

Madsen slept like a baby. However, the producer of the movie who was a few rooms down, didn’t last the second night.

“I believe the spirits went to my producer’s room and frightened him, and caused him to leave! He wouldn’t talk about what happened but he was so frightened that he left the hotel and would not stay there. Instead, he stayed at a real dive hotel, which is unusual for a producer.”

Madsen’s movie son Kyle Gallner also had his share of unwanted guests.

She reveals, “He insisted on staying in one of the haunted rooms on one of the haunted floors and every day there was some new haunting that happened to him in the night.

“He’d be like, ‘Listen, Virginia, I’m not kidding but there were voices coming out of the vent.’ I’m like, ‘Kyle there’s another room on the other side, so of course there’s voices coming from the vent!’ He said, ‘No, I’m telling you something got out from underneath the bed and crawled into the bed with me!’ I was like, ‘Were you out at a bar last night or something? You’re underage!’ He was quite adamant that all these things were going on at the hotel.”

I’ve been to the Fort Garry a lot and love it… but they should have really called these guys.


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