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Bombers Sold to David Asper + New Stadium @ U of M

First IKEA, then an Apple Store, now a new Bomber Stadium! The sky is definitely falling! The rumored U of M Bomber Stadium announced last September has become truth!

At 10:30am today, three levels of government, the University of Manitoba, and David Asper are expected to make made a joint statement regarding the development of a new 122-million dollar stadium at the University’s Fort Garry campus.

A new 30,000 seat stadium will be constructed adjacent to the current University stadium.

The province will contribute $15-million to the stadium and $5-million to a world-class fitness center at the complex for a total of $20-million dollars. The federal government will contribute $15-million.

The key part in the deal is that the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (who are currently publicly owned) will be sold to David Asper. Don’t worry folks, an agreement has been signed guaranteeing that the Bombers will stay in Winnipeg and can not be sold to anyone who will move the club.


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