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Help Bring KISS to Winnipeg

Big fan of Paul Stanley? Peter Criss? Gene Simmons? Ace Frehley? OK, not Ace Frehley. Not even Ace Frehley wants to be Ace Frehley. (yeah, that was from Family Guy)

Anyways, KISS has announced the first “Fan Driven” tour where they want their fans to vote on the cities they want the band to play in.

If that hasn’t got you excited, then just vote to make Winnipeg #1 (as they were when this editor voted on bringing them to the ‘Peg). Just as you voted for Winnipeg in Monopoly, vote for KISS. We all know you had no intention of buying Monopoly anyways.

Vote for Winnipeg by clicking this link. You may need to fill in a few fields. And remember, one vote per person REALLY means one vote per email!!!

Image Kiss Originally uploaded by zaphodsotherhead

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