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G-Force Slurpee is Back in Red

Last year 7-11 gave us a twist to the Slurpee by introducing G-Force – the first ever Gatorade inspired Slurpee. The flavour, which originates from orange Gatorade, easily became my favorite Slurpee of all time.

7-11 has brought back the famous G-Force flavor in red fruit-punch. It is just as delicious as the orange one, but the original G-Force still remains my favorite of all time. I’m hoping they come out with a Lime one next year, green Gatorade beats them all.

Grab those Slurpees Winnipeg – summer is here! We’ll have to work hard to defend our title as Slurpee Capital of the World which was almost taken over by Kennewick last year. The Slurpee Capital title is up for renewal on 7-11 (July 11, 2009).

Image G-force slurpee Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

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