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And Miss SUNshine 2009 is… Meaghan!

Meaghan is a 22-year-old self-described tomboy and supervisor at Starbucks who enjoys modelling, camping and watching sports with friends when she’s not slinging lattes.

She ran away with votes in the final head-to-head round with 18,494 votes while the runner-up, 28-year-old Diedre, took 5,539 votes.

Here is her Thank you message to her facebook group:

Hey Everyone

i just wanted to thank everyone so much for being so supportive and taking the time to vote, you guys have given me so much. i love you all. i now am Miss Sunshine 2009! check me out in the sun tomorrow Tuesday June 16th. and watch for me around Winnipeg and Canada

xO Meaghan


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