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Red River Ex Contest Winners

Congratulations to Brent H. (photoed above) and Amber Z. who won their Access to the Red River Ex last week.

Brent and Amber both won 2 gate passes and 2 ride passes to the Red River Ex.

All they had to do to win was tell us what their favourite rides at the Red River Ex were:

Brent H: Unleashing my road rage in the bumper cars.

Amber Z: My favorite is the slingshot! Sure, you have to pay extra for it but its worth it. Most intense ride there forsure. Especially having to wait for getting shot up, not knowing when it will happen. Everyones always a baby when I go, and its so hard to find someone to go on it with me, especially cause you have to pay extra. So if I can win passes, then paying for the slingshot won’t be a big deal and no one will have excuses !! :D

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