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The Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival July 15th to 26th

This years Fringe Festival theme is “Fringe Factory” with their punchline “Mass producing originality since 1988” and will be taking place July 15th to 26th.

Each year, the Fringe Festival bring us live theatre from around the world in an informal, accessible and inexpensive environment. Fringe has plays for every age group and includes many different themes. Once year, I attend a play where the actors portrayed their message via break dancing.

The Fringe Festival is an experience in itself, and does not only include going to plays. The venues are scattered throughout the Exchange District with a few downtown and in Osborne. Local business open their doors to later hours, King street is closed down for pedestrians and Old Market Square presents free shows throughout the week. Most plays run every day at different times to help ensure everyone has a chance to see them. No two days are the same at the Fringe.

Make sure to check out the Fringe FAQ guide on the Fringe website.

Single tickets are $9 with other package options available. Volunteers are always needed.

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