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Winnipeg Cracks Down on Party Buses

Winnipeg Police was very busy Friday night searching and fining various party buses and limos around Winnipeg night clubs.

What they were looking for was alcohol. As per Manitoba liquor laws, alcohol can not be consumed in any form of ground transportation.

At least two of Winnipeg’s largest party buses were fined on Friday including the BadaBing Bus and A-List Transportation.

Some party bus companies were also ordered to cease operation. If you have booked any party bus, you should definitely call to confirm your reservation. You should also know that after Fridays events, most party buses will no longer allow the consumption of alcohol on their buses.

Who else thinks this is horrible news? Manitoba really needs to re-evaluate their liquor laws. What kind of harm has a party bus ever done to the city besides provide a safe means of transportation for intoxicated patrients?

Yes, drinking on a bus is against the law. But if these party buses can’t properly operate the way they were meant to, we are going to see more intoxicated people behind the wheel, instead of in a bus.

This really needs to get fixed.

UPDATE: More details have been released on the Firday Night Smackdown on Winnipeg party buses. In total, 9 buses were pulled over and 8 have been taken off the streets. 26 offence notices were issued, 13 were liquor offences. Other offences included emergency exits that didn’t work, faulty breaks and worn tires.

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