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Sisler High School Teacher Presumed Drowned

I am originally from Sisler High School so this is definitely sad news. 25-year old Dave Christopher Pundyk who taught industrial arts at Sisler is presumed drowned in the Winnipeg river. Dave recently graduated in 2007 from Red River College and University of Winnipeg’s five-year Industrial Arts/Technology Teacher Education program.

Early Saturday near Minaki, Ontario, two boats that were travelling together collided throwing Dave Christopher Pundyk from one of the boats. It was reported that Dave was driving one of the two boats. His boat was following another when it stalled. Dave restarted his boat when it collided with the second boat that circled back. Two others were injured and sent to the hospital. Pundyk’s family is waiting confirmation from Police that he indeed drowned.

Dave’s parents do not have much hope. They mentioned that the location the accident happened is cottage country and if Dave did make it to shore, he wouldn’t be lost.

It seems at the age of 25 he was just starting his teaching career, so I wouldn’t have met him during my time at Sisler. But I’m sure that he was a great teacher and many Sisler High School students will be devastated with this news.


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