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It’s Back! Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Bowl

This is my favourite time of the summer! When Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Bowl returns! All you can eat pasta, all you can eat salad, all you can eat bread sticks… all for $8.95 $10.95!

There is a total of 42 different combinations, this year they also introduce two new sauces; Creamy Parmesan Florentine and Roasted Portobello Pomodoro.

Sauce Selections:
* New Creamy Parmesan Florentine
* New Roasted Portobello Pomodoro
* Alfredo
* Meat Sauce
* Five Cheese Marinara
* Marinara

Pasta Selections:
* Spaghetti
* Whole Wheat Linguine
* Linguine
* Fettuccine
* Penne
* Angel Hair
* Orecchiette

Top 5 Combinations:
1. Roasted Portobello Pomodoro w/ Spaghetti
2. Alfredo w/ Fettuccine
3. Creamy Parmesan Florentine w/ Whole Wheat Linguine
4. Roasted Portobello Pomodoro w/ Whole Wheat Linguine
5. Five Cheese Marinara w/ Penne

Pricing varies across Canada, I’ll be heading there for lunch today so I will report back with the price here in Winnipeg.

UPDATE: It looks like its $10.95 here in Winnipeg.

What’s your record? How many pasta bowls can you go through before throwing in the towel napkin?

For more info check out NeverEndingPastaBowl.com

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