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Mike Kelly Putting an End to Call-Ins on Radio Show

In an effort to put avoid having this degenerate into the usual hate fest that Bomber related posts inspire, I decided to use this happy picture rather than a more fitting picture of Bomber coach Mike Kelly glowering away. At this point if you are a Bomber fan you probably already heard about Mike Kelly refusing on air calls for the Bomber radio show. I almost didn’t mention this today because it doesn’t mean that much to me and I wasn’t kidding with my first sentence, Bomber posts seem to get people fired up. But in the spirit of creating some dialogue, which I’m all about, there it is. And here we go.

Not that I think its too deep or ground breaking a sentiment, but it really is a shame when a few people ruin it for everyone. I agree with Mike Kelly’s decision, since CJOB and the Bomber organization obviously wouldn’t allow Kelly to fire back with everything he wants to say to obnoxious callers, why should he have to sit there and endure frivolous and pointless abuse? I just think its ridiculous that this so called “vocal minority” is still referred as “fans” by some media outlets covering this story. Fans enjoy the game and having a team to get behind so that following the league is more of an emotional investment. Fans don’t come out with “what have you done for us lately” or “you should all be fired” after every loss then scream “Bombers are #1!” when they make a playoff run. Those are the people who have made it a wise choice to remove the call ins from the show, and are more appropriately referred to as “bandwagon jumpers” or “idiots”. Its a shame the Sun and other news sources don’t refer to them as such because I’m sure the real fans don’t appreciate being lumped in with them.

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