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Apple Releases New iPod Touch and Nano

Apple has released a 3rd generation iPod Touch and a 5th generation iPod Nano today in its Only Rock and Roll event. Disappointingly, there were no signs of a camera on the iPod touch – so looks like I was wrong on that one.

If you were in the market for an iPod Touch, you can either buy a 2nd generation at a discounted price or wait for the 3rd generation to hit stores (or you can order it now at apple.ca)

iPod Nano
• Video camera (640×480)
• Integrated mic
• Integrated speaker
• FM Radio!!!!!
• One-click YouTube uploads
• Voice Over like Shuffle
• Pedometer with Nike+ syncing online
• Voice Recorder
• 2.2-inch screen is possibly larger than last model

8GB nano will cost $169. 16GB is $199.

iPod Touch
• Faster processor
• New pricing
• Larger storage

16GB 32GB and 64GB for $219, $329, and $329.

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