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Sony PS3 HDMI & USB Cable Pack – $9.44

Check out this AMAZING deal! Superstore is selling the official Sony PS3 HDMI and USB Cable pack for only $9.44!

These sell for $69.99 at Futureshop (Price match at Futureshop and get it for $3!!)

I just came from the Bison location and they had tons left. This is a nation wide sale. If your closest Superstore doesn’t have the price displayed correctly, ask them to scan it… it should scan in at $9.44 (Bison’s display price was $39.99)

This is a standard HDMI/USB cable – it doesn’t have to be used on the PS3 and can be used on any devices that take HDMI/USB.

Probably the cheapest you will ever see a Sony accessory at.

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