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The Elms: Winnipeg’s Fine Fashion Shopping Complex

Winnipeg will finally be getting a fine fashion shopping complex.

The indoor/outdoor shopping complex is part of David Asper’s plan on creating a new Bomber Stadium. The shopping complex will be located where the current stadium is and has been dubbed “The Elms Collection of Winnipeg”

The Elms will be a upscale shopping destination that will take the prairie marketplace by storm. It will provide the most dynamic collection of luxury retailers and exclusive brand name shops. No more need to travel hundreds of miles to purchase those brand name cloths.

The Elms Will Offer:
* 640,000 square feet of upscale retail
* Distinctive, open-air storefronts
* Warmth of heated, overhead canopies
* Valet parking and concierge services

I’m very excited for this project. Let’s get a few bars/clubs and lounges in there and we’ll have ourselves something very similar to high end tourist destinations.

What stores do you want to see in the new complex? Tell us in the comments! I’m sure The Elms and Mr. Asper are watching!

The complex is expect to be completed by Summer 2013, after the new Bomber Stadium at the UofM is opened in 2012.

Read more at TheElms.ca.

UPDATE: David Asper has been granted a 12-month extension on the development of the new stadium. Which means everything may be pushed back a year.

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