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Mother Courage @ Manitoba Theatre Centre

Manitoba Theatre Centre presents Mother Courage at The John Hirsch Theatre Mainstage from February 10th through March 6th. Tickets are now on sale and range from $15 to $85 depending on age, date and seat section.

Here is an excerpt from the MTC website:

One of the great dramatic creations of the modern stage, Mother Courage and Her Children
is a both a corrosive comedy and a profound statement against war. The play follows the
worldly-wise Mother Courage who trails the armies during a war in Europe, shadowing the destruction
as she sells provisions from her wagon to whoever will grease her palm. But the war exacts a price – as war always does – and Mother Courage’s soaring profits are tempered by searing loss. In this epic masterpiece, Brecht pits human virtue against the business of war.

Check out MTC’s website for more information and to purchase tickets.

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