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FRIDAY EATS: Shirataki Noodles aka The Miracle Noodle

This weeks Friday Eats will be a bit different. Instead of featuring a Winnipeg restaurant we are featuring a food item that is taking Winnipeg and the world by storm. It is called the Shirataki Noodle or The Miracle Noodle.

Our friends at Young’s Market gave us a rundown of this very popular dietary food item:

This amazing high fibre weight-loss product originated in japan. Its made from soluble plant fibre, which gives dieters 3 advantages.

1) once digested, it expands slightly and gives you a sense of fullness;
2) it has no calories;
3) you don’t need to cook it;

Cooking Suggestions:
All you have to do is drain away the water content and pour your favourite sauce over it and serve. Or consume it like many Asians do, in hot-pot!

This product is great to use as a substitute meal since it gives you a sensation that you ate something hearty. This is why it is known as the “miracle noodles.”

Shirataki Noodles aka The Miracle Noodle is available now at both Young’s Trading (397 William Ave.) and Young’s Market (1000 McPhillips St.)

Make sure to check out their website at youngsmarket.ca for more great recipes and food tips.

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