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Travelling to Vancouver During the Olympics? Read This!

Air Canada has provided travel tips for anyone crazy enough travelling to or through Vancouver during the 2010 Olympics. Since Vancouver is one of Canada’s main International Airports, overseas/US travellers may not be able to avoid a stop-over during the peak travel period from February 9 to March 22, 2010.

Getting to Vancouver: The busiest travel dates are February 5-12, 2010, with Air Canada carrying more than 82,000 passengers system wide each day, including up to 12,000 to Vancouver, per day.

Leaving Vancouver: Busiest travel dates are February 28-March 5. The peak departure day is March 1st, YVR’s busiest day in history with close to 39,000 people departing Vancouver, almost 12,000 on Air Canada.

If your travel falls under these dates, be sure to read Air Canada’s travel tips after the jump. The best way to stay worry free is to be at the airport 4-hours before your flight.

Check flight status on-line

Air Canada customers should check the status of departing and arriving flights before leaving for the airport by consulting the Air Canada website www.aircanada.com, using an internet-enabled mobile device at http://mobile.aircanada.com, or by calling the toll free Air Canada flight status line at 1-888-422-7533; TTY (Hearing Impaired): 1-800-361-8071.

Customers can also keep abreast of how weather or other circumstances may affect their flight by checking the Daily Operational Outlook in the Travel Updates section on the home page at www.aircanada.com.

Sign up for Flight Notification

Air Canada customers can receive flight delay and cancellation information directly on their mobile devices or via e-mail. To register or for more information, simply visit:


Baggage Information

Air Canada recommends that customers pack valuables including medications, car keys, documentation required for travel, money, etc. in carry-on bags rather than in checked luggage.

Ensure that external baggage name tags are secure. Air Canada also recommends that passengers place identification inside their bags. A baggage ID template is available at:


Use Web check-in at www.aircanada.com

Web check-in: Air Canada customers can save time by checking in for their flight before leaving for the airport. Air Canada’s web check-in service at www.aircanada.com is available 24 hours prior to departure time and offers customers many options including changing their seat assignment and selecting the number of checked-baggage, and pre-paying for excess baggage to obtain a discount.

Mobile check-in using a mobile device: Customers can check in with their mobile device and receive their boarding card electronically up to 24 hours before departure.

Mobile check-in can be accessed through a mobile device browser at http://mobile.aircanada.com and clicking on the check-in option, or via Air Canada’s free iPhone or BlackBerry applications. Once check-in is completed, passengers will receive an electronic boarding pass or check-in confirmation on their mobile device. To learn more go to:


Obtain Electronic boarding passes (unless travelling to the U.S.)

If eligible, customers can choose to receive an electronic version of the boarding pass on their mobile devices. This option is available for both mobile and web check-in. Electronic boarding passes may be sent via email or SMS. The Air Canada electronic boarding pass is a 2D barcode image that is sent to mobile devices and contains flight details. It can be used for domestic flights as well as international flights departing from Canada, but is not currently available for flights to and from the US. To learn more:


Recommended times to be at the airport for flight departures (excluding March 1)

Domestic flights – Check-in 60 minutes prior to flight, be at the gate 20 minutes prior to flight.

Transborder flights – Check-in 90 minutes prior to flight, be at the gate 20 minutes prior to flight.

International flights – Check-in 120 minutes prior to flight, be at the gate 45 minutes prior to flight.

Use kiosks for self-tagging baggage

Customers departing Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Paris-Charles de Gaulle and London-Heathrow can save even more time at the airport by using Air Canada’s quick and convenient self-tagging option available at Air Canada kiosks. The self-tagging option allows passengers to print and attach their own baggage tags and then simply deposit their bags at the designated counter.

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