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PHOTO: Rare McFarlane Winnipeg Jets Shane Doan Figure

Here’s a photo of a rare McFarlane Sports Select figure of Shane Doan in his blue Winnipeg Jets jersey.

Only 1,996 of these figures were produced to mark the year the Winnipeg Jets moved to Phoenix (1996). Each figure is number 1 – 1996 on its base.

Make sure to keep an eye out for one of these rare figures… they are one of McFarlanes fewest produced items and will be worth a lot of money to collectors everywhere.

This is not the first time McFarlane has released a rare Winnipeg Jets figure. In 2003, they released thirteen Teemu Selanne figures of him in his Winnipeg Jets jersey #13. One of those thirteen recently sold for $25,000. With Teemu recently hitting the 600 goal mark, the value just might hold up.

The going rate right now for one of the 1996 Shane Doan Winnipeg Jets figures is $40 – $80. If you can find one at a Walmart, the regular price is around $15.

More information regarding rare McFarlane sports figures here.

Image Shane Doan Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

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