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Winnipeg’s Complex Games Brings It’s Eh Game


Our friends at Complex Games released a new trailer for Bring Your Eh Game. It’s a party game for the Nintendo Wii that looks to be a Mario Party and Raving Rabids style game. Complete with epic movie guy narration, we get a taste of some of the mini games that players will be thrown into. Climbing mountains, running away from giant beavers and helping old ladies across streets isn’t typical RCMP work, but it’s all part of the plan if we’re to get that stolen Stanley Cup back.

Complex Games’ marketing lead, Varinder Brar, mentions that they’ve yet to lock down a publisher. “It was designed for GDC this year as a project for the Canadian Consulate in San Francisco and was a big hit. We’re looking at finding a publisher for it.” Interesting, Mr. Brar. Interesting.

WiiWare is Nintendo’s portal service for Wii specific titles and apps and will be the delivery platform for Bring Your Eh Game. As it’s still “Coming Soon”, we’ll have to wait on a publisher to snag this up before expecting a release date.

The RCMP never looked so cute.

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