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Winnipeg Not Included in Monopoly: Canada Edition

It is with disappointment for me to report that Winnipeg did not make it on to the Monopoly: Canada Edition game board. It would have been great to see what photo they would have used. I’m guessing the Golden Boy.

We were doing pretty good in voting before the blackout period, but it looks like we fell behind. Banff, AB snagged the last spot on the board.

Don’t feel too bad though, larger cities such as Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver only made it to the Light Blue area. Boardwalk went to Chatham-Kent, ON.

* Dark Blue: Chatham-Kent, Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu
* Green: Calgary, Sarnia, Edmonton
* Yellow: Windsor, Quebec City, Trois-Rivieres
* Red: Medicine Hat, Gatineau, Shawinigan
* Orange: Kawarth Lakes, Chilliwack, Montreal
* Magenta: Kelowna, North Bay, St. John’s
* Light Blue: Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver
* Brown: Beauceville, Banff

Image MonopolyCanada_Bil Board Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg

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