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Manitoba Introducing New Area Code in 2012: 431

In a few years, you’ll literally be able to your best Ludacris impression and say you got pros in different area codes.

Starting November 3, 2012, Manitoba will have a new 431 area code along with the current 204 code. This also means that you can no longer dial 7 digits to call up your homeboys… you’ll now have to use a 10 digit dialing system IE 204-555-1234 for hommie 1, and 431-555-1234 for hommie 2.

Manitoba joins B.C., Alberta, and Ontario who have already switched over to ten-digit dialing. The change is governed by the CRTC who state that we will run out of 204 numbers by 2013.

Dates To Remember
– July 29, 2012: The 10-digit dialing requirement begins. If you forget to dial 204 before the phone number, you will still be connected but get a recorded message reminding you to do so.
– October 20, 2012: Calls will no longer be connected if you don’t dial 204.
– November 3, 2012: First batch of 431 numbers hit the air.

What Does This Mean to You?
– We live in a age of speed dial, but some of you may store number on your cellphone without a 204 prefix. If so, your speed dial buttons will no longer work in 2012. To prepare yourself, change your address book to now include the 204 prefix on numbers. When adding new contacts, add them with the 204 prefix.
– If you have business cards, email signatures, signage, etc etc… you’ll have to make sure that they all have the ‘204’ prefix on them or your customers/friends/bar hookups wont be able to contact you.
– Check any alarms/call forwarding system/automated dialers that may call a 7 digit number. This will also need to be updated to 10 digit calling.


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