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2010 Winnipeg Zombie Walk October 23


The Zombie Walk returns to Winnipeg this year on October 23, 2010. It’s when Winnipeggers all gather together dressed as zombies and parade through Winnipeg!

Click here for video from last years Zombie Walk… it looked like tons of fun! If you’re driving downtown on October 23, don’t worry, you didn’t enter a world of Resident Evil.

Though this is meant for fun and games… it can also easily get out of hand. If you plan on attending the Zombie Walk, make sure to follow these simple rules:

1. Respect all traffic laws
2. Stay on public property only
3. Stay off of vehicles
4. Do not enter private businesses
5. No drugs/alcohol
6. Do not touch anybody/strangers
7. Have fun!

To participate, meet at 7:30pm at the Royal Albert parking lot. The walk begins at 8:15pm.

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