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Zellers: $50 OFF Any Nintendo DS System

With the Nintendo 3DS (3D version of the DS) ready to hit stores early next year… it’s no surprise that the current Nintendo DS’s are dropping in price.

For those not familiar with Nintendo’s portable gaming hardware, there are currently 3 versions of the Nintendo DS for sale:

Nintendo DS Lite:
Slim/compact version of the original DS (original DS is no longer for sale)

Nintendo DSi:
Next generation version of the DS Lite that includes two cameras. One in the front, and one in the back. It also sports a larger screen.

Nintendo DSi XL:
Exactly the same as the DSi, but with an even LARGER screen. It’s almost the size of a small netbook.

Starting today, Zellers is offering $50 any of the 3 DS versions. This will make the DSi XL $119.99, the DSi $99.99, and the DS Lite $59.99.

Great time to get some each Christmas shopping out of the way! Better hurry, the first day of the deal is today (October 15, 2010) and you can be sure that Zellers will sell out of these fast!

Image Nintendo DSi XL – New Super Mario Bros. Originally uploaded by Rodolfo Stanic

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