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Damn You Auto Correct!

Here’s some great laughs to start off your weekend…

If you have an iPhone (or any other smart phone with auto correct) then you can definitely relate to this website.

DamnYouAutoCorrect.com is a collection of user submitted auto correct fails (auto correct is when your ‘smart’ phone try’s to predict a spelling mistake/typo and ‘corrects’ the word for you automatically) A lot of them, including the one posted here, are hilarious!

I’ve already wasted enjoyed countless hours on this site, and I’m sure you will too. Have you ever had any embarrassing auto correct fails? Let us know in the comments or submit them to DamnYouAutoCorrect.com so we can all share a smile.

Tip: To take a screenshot on your iPhone hold down the power button (top right corner), then press the home button (main circle button). Your screen will flash and a screenshot will be saved in your photo album.

Have a safe weekend Winnipeg!


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