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Minimum $8 Trade-In For Blu-ray Movies @ Blockbuster

Did you go crazy during the Blu-ray craze and picked up some movies that you probably will never watch again? Well now’s probably a good time to trade those movies in and put the credit towards something new.

Until January 30, 2011, Blockbuster will be offering a minimum trade in of $8 for all blu-ray movies they accept. Read the fine print for more details.

Warning: With Winnipeg laws, you will only be able to do a 1-to-1 trade-in. You can not collect your credits and buy something big ie. trade-in 10 blu-rays and buy something for $80 (10 x $8). For every trade in, you will have to put the $8 credit towards another blu-ray movie.

[quote]†Offer valid for a limited time at participating BLOCKBUSTER® stores in Canada. Trade in a Blu-ray movie and get a minimum $8 in-store credit. Valid on Blu-ray movies otherwise eligible for trade-in in accordance with Blockbuster’s standards for type of Blu-ray movie, condition of Blu-ray movie and packaging, and which are on Blockbuster’s then current list of titles accepted for trade-in on this offer, all as determined by Blockbuster in its sole discretion. Blu-ray movies with damaged cover art may be accepted by Blockbuster in its sole discretion. Must be a member and have signed a trading agreement to trade. No dealers permitted. Trades subject to Trading Terms and Conditions available at store. Title list and amount of store credit subject to change at a time without advance notice. No cash; only store credit will be given for trades. See store for full details. BLOCKBUSTER name, design and related marks are trademarks of Blockbuster Inc. © 2011 Blockbuster Inc. All rights reserved.[endquote]

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