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Angry Birds Super Bowl Commercial

Super Bowl Sunday. Arguably the most important day in sports for the entire year.

Some people watch the game. Others will buy a new big screen TV to watch the game.

Others watch for the commercials. Today, in the fourth quarter, there will be a special commercial I’m oddly excited about. It’s for an upcoming Angry Birds movie which will include a code to unlock a special level in Angry Birds. (For those who don’t know what Angry Birds is, GET OUT FROM UNDER THE ROCK).

Will you be watching close enough to see the code? If you see it, let us know! We will be keeping an eye on YouTube afterwards to see if we can find it there for you.

On a side note, are you stuck on any levels? I’m up to 13-11 right now. I’d be further but I spent too much time fixing my broken Game Centre.


*UPDATE – Angry Birds code: go to screen 13, game 12. Shoot the white bird backward, drop egg on the hill. Get the golden football.


*UPDATE (again) – Here’s the commercial. And really, unless you have PVR, there’s no way you would have caught this. The clue is around the 26 second mark. Before I realized this was “Angry Birds related”, I wanted to see this movie. Now I just can’t wait!


Image Angry Birds Live – The Movie – The Making Of Originally uploaded by Yaniv Golan

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