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Want to Change Your Name? Prepare to be Fingerprinted

Manitoban’s who want to legally change their name will now have to provide a fingerprint to the police.

When changing your name from John Doe to John Smith, a fingerprint will be passed on to the RCMP and checked against the criminal database. If your fingerprint exists in the criminal database… then your new name (John Smith) will also be added to the criminal database.

A similar law exists in Alberta and British Columbia. The law will not apply to anyone who has their name changed due to marriage or to escape domestic violence.

Great move by the province to make it harder for criminals to hide their identity!

If you’re afraid that a criminal might change their name to yours and add your name to the criminal database, there is no need to worry. Take a quick read of the Manitoba Change of Name act and you’ll find that it’s very difficult to change your name.


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